Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Development

Luis A. Quesada Allué - Fundación Instituto Leloir


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Development

We study molecular and physiological aspects of insects development, focusing in the holometaboulous life cycle, using Ceratitis capitata, the Mediterranean fruitly (the Medfly) and other dipterans like Drosophila melanogaster as main models. The Medfly is the main orchard pest world-wide, with significant economic importance in Argentina. Our current interest is on the study of parameters related to Functional Senescence of adults, with independence of age, using both behavioral and molecular approaches, particularly lipid profiles. We also study a novel mechanism for neurotransmitters regulation through the formation of Beta-alanine-conjugates in insect brain. The same mechanism is triggered by the innate immune response. We develop similar studies in the Hornfly, a main cattle pest and other insects.
  • Parameters of Functional Senescence in pest-flies.
  • Novel metabolism of beta-alanyl-conjugates of catecholamines in insects.
  • Photosensitive substances acting as photo-insecticides in dipterans.

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