Molecular and Cellular Therapy

Osvaldo L. Podhajcer - Fundación Instituto Leloir


The laboratory is a reference in advanced medicines designed from oncolytic virus engineering. One of our developments is on track to initiate clinical trials in humans. These genetically-based drugs can be combined with treatments commonly used in cancer. We also work hard in the use of stem cells coupled to viruses and in the design of nanodrugs combining genetically based drugs with chemicals. Together with the Genocan unit we have a strong anchoring in the area of ​​precision medicine in genomics of human breast cancer, in colorectal cancer and in oncopediatrics. The group had and has collaborations, in some cases more than 10 years, with various hospitals such as the María Curie of Oncology, the Eva Perón de San Martín, the Roffo Institute of CABA, the Garrahan National Pediatrics Hospital, the Udaondo, the Naval Hospital and the Churruca of CABA.
Oncolytic immunotherapy is based on viral-based drugs administered for a direct attack on the tumor, followed by a secondary immune response stimulated by genes included in the viruses. This is the only type of therapy that works as a therapeutic drug and vaccine at the same time. The group has a strong track record in the design and use of Oncolytic Adenoviruses (OAV) for cancer. We combine the use of OAVs with modified mesenchymal stem cells with artificial receptors of our own design and we direct them towards the tumor using single domain antibodies obtained from camelids. In nanomedicine we develop nanofármacos (combining genetically based drugs with chemotherapy) that are directed through the use of antibodies. For this we have generated libraries of antibodies directed against antigens associated with malignant cells. In Genomics and Precision Medicine, we are part of the United States-Latin American Cancer Reserach Network (US-LACRN), coordinated by the Center for Global Health of the National Cancer Institute of the USA, whose objectives are to identify molecular signatures that improve the prognosis of the evolution of breast cancer and predict the response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. We also led a local consortium to identify signatures that could predict the response to radiochemotherapy in rectal cancer. Our works include studies in oncopediatrics.

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Investigators of the United Sates Latin America Cancer Research Network (Llera AS, Podhajcer OL*, Breitenbach M, Santini L, Muller B, Daneri A, Velazquez C, Gomez J, Frech S, Brown T, Gross T). Translational Research in Cancer Comes of Age in Latin America. Sci Transl Med. 2015 Dec 23;7(319):319fs50. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aad5859. *Corresponding Author

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