Molecular Immunology and Microbiology

Fernando Goldbaum - Fundación Instituto Leloir


The laboratory main goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie (i) bacterial infection and (ii) the immune system response against immunogenic proteins. We aim to:
  1. Understand how Brucella and other infective bacteria are capable of sensing the environment (oxygen tension, redox potential, light, ...)
  2. Elucidate which Brucella metabolic adaptations are important during an effective host infection.
  3. Find ways to manipulate the infectious processes.
  4. Understand the molecular and cellular bases of immunogenicity.
  5. Create therapeutic and protective vaccines using an engineered protein scaffold.
Keywords: protein engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, vaccine development, immune system, signal transduction, virulence factors, infection mechanisms, host-microbe interaction, riboflavin, biosynthesis, transporters, photoreceptors, photosensors, LOV, BphP, phytochrome, blue, red, far-red, light, TLR4, structure, X-ray crystallography
The laboratory is divided into four main areas:
  1. Structural and functional studies on Brucella environmental sensing proteins.
  2. The biosynthetic pathway of riboflavin as target for development of antibiotics.
  3. Immunological and protein engineering studies on BLS.
  4. Molecular basis of the red/far red light pathway involved in bacterial infection.
Our conceptual approach is to identify protein targets involved in bacterial sensory or metabolic pathways important in the infectious process and to describe their function both at the atomic level and at the host-microbe interaction scale. For that aim, we functionally characterize these targets in vitro and in vivo. For in vitro characterizations we utilize X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, a wide variety of biophysical, biochemical and cellular techniques and methods (i.e. SEC-HPLC-SLS, DLS, CD/fluoresce/UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy, FACS, primary cellular culture, ELISA, mAbs, Western Blot, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, radioactive and non-radioactive phosphorylation assays, radioactive vitamin transport assays, enzyme kinetics studies, site directed mutagénesis for functionality evaluation in proteins, etc). For bacterial in vivo characterization we evaluate the biological relevance of our targets in the host-microbe interaction: we use genome site directed mutagénesis, homologous and heterologous complementation with wild-type and mutant versions of the proteins, classical microbiological determination assays (i.e. biofilm formation, EPS content, flagellar apparatus production, motility, survival to stresses, growth, etc). For immunological studies, we use different animal and cellular models (i.e. knock out mice, OT-1 and OT-2 transgenic mice, adoptive transfer of immunity, models of protective and therapeutic vaccine against tumors, in vivo analysis of antigen persistence in cell and tissues). We work with different bacterial models:
  1. Mammal pathogens: Brucella and Mycobacterium spp.
  2. Plant symbiont: Rhizobium leguminosarum.
  3. Plant pathogen: Xanthomonas campestris.


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