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Fundación Instituto Leloir (FIL) is Argentina´s premier center dedicated to research and advanced scientific training in the life sciences. The Institute´s mission is the pursuit of excellence in basic scientific research, and rigorous training for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. In addition, we are committed to the application of scientific discoveries and technological innovations trough INIS Biotech, our technology transfer arm.

As a not-for-profit foundation, the Institute acknowledges the generous institutional support it receives from private individual and corporate donors in Argentina and abroad. Drawing on a decades-long tradition of excellence in basic research, FIL is poised to advance the frontiers of knowledge in the life sciences. A pioneer in discovery and innovation in Latin America, FIL continues to impact the lives of thousands of peoples by helping create better prevention, diagnostic and treatment tools in the field of human health, and by offering solutions to problems in agriculture and industry.