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Course – Workshop of Science Journalism

The Program of Science and Technology Communication of the Leloir Institute Foundation has as an objective to increase the interest of the society for the scientific knowledge by means of training human resources and generating communication materials, mainly those scientific advances reached by groups of argentine scientists.

In this context, since 1986, courses-workshops of introduction to the scientific journalism are held continuously. Most of the journalists who work today in the media and in the areas of communication of Universities and other organisms related to Science and Technology have been trained with this program. The founder of this project has been a leading figure, a pioneer in the field of science communication of Argentina, Prof. Enrique Belocopitow.

The main goal of the course-workshop is: to give the students the tools in order to transform the scientific texts in journalistic articles, addressed to the general public. Once the training is finished, graduated are able to identify interesting issues and trustable sources, to tackle and organize efficiently the scientific information using a rigorous and pleasant journalistic language, in order to facilitate the insertion of the articles in the different media.