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Center of Science and Technology Communication


Center of Science and Technology Communication


The Center of Science and Technology Communication was created in 1985 by Prof. Enrique Belocopitow – pioneer of science communication in Argentina – in order to form specialists in the field of science communication and the production of journalistic and educational material. From the beginning, this project was supported by Prof. Luis F. Leloir, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970.

Since then, more than 70 training scholarships have been given to graduates of universities. In the present, most of them are working in the main media and communication area of scientific institutions.

As a result of this experience, in 2005 the first agency of news specialized in Science and Technology was founded in Argentina, one of the few in Latin America.

The CyT (Science and Technology) Program of the Leloir Institute also participates in the institutional communication of the Leloir Institute Foundation, collaborating in the production of Newsletters and of journalistic contents to the media.

Besides, the CyT Program performs training activities for journalists and communication and interactive tasks for the public in general, as well of workshops of Science experimentation for basic and secondary school teachers. From the training workshops in scientific journalism, that are implemented since 1985, 500 specialist have been graduated.

The participation in newtworks is one of the main goals of the Program of Science Communication. That is why there is a relationship with researchers from CONICET (National Scientific and Technological Research Council of Argentina) as well as national academic centers like the Univesities of the Litoral and Rio Negro.

Also with institutions abroad as the Ibero-American States Organization and the National Cancer Institute of United States of America for the development of science communication activities.