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How you can donate

You can help by making a donation. And you may donate in various ways.


Credit Cards

You may sign up to donate on a monthly basis using any of the credit cards listed below. Or you may choose to make a one-time donation or several throughout the year.

We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Electron, Diner’s Club and Cabal.

It’s simple. Just fill in the secure form with the required information, click here.

All the information provided is encrypted and is kept in a strictly confidential database at the institute. We do not share donor lists with anyone.


Bank Transfer and Deposits

You may wish to transfer funds from your bank account through your bank’s online banking service or by personally going to your local branch.
All transfers or direct deposits should be made to one the bank accounts listed below.

Banco Nación

Account #: 23027971/9 CBU: 01100235-40002302797194 Branch: Villa Crespo

Santander Río

Account #: 197-000043829 CBU: 07201970 20000000438290 Branch: 197 Villa Crespo


Account #: 597216/0 CBU: 1910006355000659721600 Branch: Villa Crespo


Once you have completed the transaction, please kindly send us your scanned receipt via email to


Pago Fácil

You may also make your donation of whatever amount you wish through any of the Pago Fácil branches. All you need to do is say that you wish to donate to Fundación Instituto Leloir. Please save your receipt and call us to let us know the donation has been made.


By coming to the Institute

You can arrange to make an appointment any time you wish if you would like to make your donation in person at the Institute. Just call +054 11 5238-7505 to set up a time and we will be happy to welcome you. Donations made at the Institute must be either in cash or by check.



For more information about the various ways you can donate, please call our Development Office at +054 11 5238-7505 or toll-free at +054 11 0800-345- 5356 or send us an email at