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Biochem review

Perez-Pepe, M., Fernández-Alvarez, A.J.,  Boccaccio, G.L. Life and work of Stress Granules and Processing Bodies: New insights into their formation and function. Biochemistry. 2018 May 1;57(17):2488-2498.  Pubmed Cover article
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Scarpin, M.R., Sigaut, L., Temprana, S.G., Boccaccio, G.L., Pietrasanta, L.I., Muschietti, J.P. Two Arabidopsis late pollen transcripts are detected in cytoplasmic granules. Plant Direct 1(4): e00012.
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fernandez alvarez 2016

Fernández-Alvarez, A.J., Pascual, M.L., Boccaccio, G.L., Thomas, M.G. Smaug variants in neural and non-neuronal cells. Commun Integr Biol. (2016) Feb 18;9(2). Pubmed
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thomas bocc 2016

Thomas, M.G., Boccaccio, G.L. Nobel mRNA-silencing bodies at the synapse: A never-ending story. Commun Integr Biol. (2016) Feb 2;9(2). Pubmed
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paper lu

Luchelli, L., Thomas, M.G., Boccaccio, G.L. Synaptic control of mRNA translation by reversible assembly of XRN1 bodies. J Cell Sci. (2015) 128(8):1542-54. Pubmed Cover article
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