Molecular and Cellular Microbiology

Angeles Zorreguieta - Fundación Instituto Leloir


Molecular and Cellular Microbiology

Our goal is contribute to the understanding of how certain bacteria that are relevant for agriculture or health are capable to colonize the various niches they inhabit. We are particularly interested to determine the molecular bases of biofilm formation and adhesion to the host in species of the alpha-proteobacteria group, such as Rhizobium and Brucella. Rhizobium is a legume symbiont that is very beneficial for the plant due to its ability to fix the atmospheric nitrogen. Brucella is a close relative of Rhizobium. However, the interaction with the host results in a zoonotic disease called brucellosis, which affects cattle, pigs, and sheep, causing significant economic losses in several countries of our region.
  • Biofilms of Rhizobium. Biofilms are aggregates of microorganisms embedded in an extracellular matrix composed of polymers that the same bacteria produce. The ability to develop these communities provides a competitive advantage for the colonization of biotic or abiotic surfaces. Rhizobium leguminosarum develops a typical biofilm structure in a process mediated by the acidic exopolysaccharide (EPS), the O antigen of the LPS, and proteins secreted by the type I PrsDE system. Recently, we demonstrated that one of such proteins, RapA2, exhibits a structure similar to eukaryotic cadherins that is capable to interact specifically with the EPS of Rhizobium. Since RapA2 and most PrsDE secreted proteins possess at least one cadherin-like domain, we propose that these proteins participate in the modulation of the extracellular matrix composed mainly by the EPS. We are interested to elucidate the role of other proteins whose secretion is PrsDE-dependent, as well as the interplay between the different extracellular factors involved in biofilm formation.
  • Adhesins of Brucella. Brucella is a facultative intracellular pathogen that affects livestock animals and humans. The currently available vaccines are not completely efficient to prevent the disease in livestock and no vaccine for human brucellosis has been developed yet. The intracellular trafficking of this bacterium and the factors required to reach the replicative niche have been considerably studied and understood. However, little is known about the bacterial factors involved in the initial interaction with the host cell. Recently, we identified several proteins from the autotransporter families that participate in the Brucella suis adhesion to extracellular matrix components and host cells. The monomeric autotranspotador BmaC is involved in the binding of B. suis to host cells through fibronectin. In addition, the BtaE trimeric autotransporter showed affinity for hyaluronic acid and it was required both to efficiently bind host cells and for a complete virulence phenotype in the mouse model. Interestingly, both BtaE and BmaC were shown to localize at the new pole of the bacterium, which defines this pole as "adhesive".

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