Structural Bioinformatics

Cristina Marino Buslje - Fundación Instituto Leloir


Structural Bioinformatics

The structure and function of proteins is crucial to understand all biological processes. The principal interest of our group is the study of proteins, including their function, evolution, structure and interaction with other molecules. Our focus is the study and development of bioinformatics tools for analysis and prediction of functionally important sites, classification and functional annotation of proteins as well as protein-protein interactions.

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  • Residues coevolution networks analysis.
  • Protein-protein interaction prediction.
  • Superfamily classification into proteins functional families.
  • Protein coevolution.
  • Development of bioinformatics tools for protein analysis.

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Cristina Marino Buslje
Head of Bioinformatics Unit -

Javier Iserte

Elin Teppa
Assistant researcher -Licencia

Elizabeth Martinez Pérez
Doctoral Fellow- AGENCIA

Fernando Ezequiel Orti
Doctoral Fellow - CONICET

Maximiliano Castillo
Undergraduate Student