Molecular virology

Andrea V. Gamarnik - Fundación Instituto Leloir


The laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of the replication of dengue and Zika viruses. These viruses belong to the Flaviviridae family, whose members are viruses with a single-stranded, positive-polarity genome. The genome of dengue and Zika viruses have multiple functions during the viral cycle: it serves as a messenger for protein synthesis, a template for the amplification of RNA and a substrate for encapsidation during the formation of viral particles. The laboratory studies focus on understanding how the viral genome works, taking into account that it is a dynamic molecule that changes its conformation in the different viral processes. For this, the use of reverse genetics and manipulation of infectious clones is combined with biochemical studies.
  • Study of the function, dynamics and adaptation of dengue and Zika virus RNA during replication in human and mosquito cells.
  • Development of molecular tools to genetically manipulate the dengue and Zika virus that may be useful for the design of antiviral strategies.
  • Study of the mechanism of RNA encapsidation and function of the capsid protein during the morphogenesis of the dengue virus.
  • Study of the properties and functions of the capsid protein of Dengue and Zika viruses during infection in the search for new approaches in the development of antiviral strategies.
  • Study of the interactions between the NS5 protein of dengue and Zika virus with host proteins as a mechanism of evasion of the cellular antiviral response.

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