Molecular virology

Andrea V. Gamarnik - Fundación Instituto Leloir


The main goal of the laboratory is to understand how viral RNAs communicate with the host cell machinery and other viral components to ensure viral replication. In our research, we are using dengue virus as a model because it is one of the most important human viral pathogens of our times. Pathogenic RNA viruses, including HIV, SARS, dengue and influenza, have been the cause of the largest epidemics worldwide. Currently, neither vaccines nor antiviral drugs exist to control dengue virus infections. Our main goal is to generate knowledge and new tools to rationally design antiviral strategies. To this end, we combine biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics, together with classical and molecular virology studies. We use infectious dengue virus clones and manipulation of the viral genome to define the function of RNA structures and viral proteins. Using these tools in infected cells and employing reconstituted in vitro systems, we are investigating the mechanism of viral genome amplification and the process of genome encapsidation. The laboratory has made important contributions to the current knowledge of the dengue virus biology, and has developed new genetic tools to address basic questions of the viral life cycle.
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